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Fascias, Soffits & Guttering

UPVC Fascias, Soffits & Guttering

Fascia - this is the straight board that can be seen in our diagram. It is fixed directly to the roofs timbers and often supports the bottom row of tiles. It is also what the guttering attaches to and so it is essential the highest quality products are used and fixed securely to withstand heavy rainfall 

Soffit - this is the board that is tucked beneath the fascia. It is often ventilated to allow for airflow in the roof space which helps alleviate condensation and dampness. 

UPVC is by far the most superior material when it comes to your fascias and soffits, offering an impressive resilience that makes them impervious to rotting and warping. They can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth which leaves them looking brand new in seconds. 





Gutter Clearance

We don't often realise the importance of gutters and the role they play in protecting our homes. They collect the rainwater that runs off our roofs and diverts it away which is vital to maintaining the integrity of our foundations and protecting the exterior of our homes from water damage, damp staining and mould. 


Over time, our gutters and downpipes can become blocked with moss & debris as well as twigs and leaves from surrounding trees which can cause them to become blocked and ineffective. It is so important regular maintenance is carried out to keep them free-flowing. 

We offer a full gutter clearing service whereby your gutters will be swept clean of any debris. They will then be washed and dried, often leaving them looking brand new!

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"The team was brilliant. I had a terrible job done by anther company that was causing damage to our home. The wrights roofing team came out and have done an outstanding job. Nathan and Brandon and team couldn’t do enough for me. I have and will continue to recommend this company to all my friends and family. 100% use this company if you want work done to your home safely, professional and stress free. Thanks again to wrights roofing all the very best to you all. Brilliant company keep up the outstanding work!"

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