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Lead Work & Roof Repairs

Lead contains unique properties which make it the ideal roofing product. It is extremely durable and can last up to 3 times longer than most other roofing materials. It is super flexible and can be moulded to any shape making it the perfect choice for use at joins and junctions to create a watertight seal.

Each of our team members have completed the NCTS Bossing & Welding Training Course and so you can be confident any lead works undertaken will be to the highest standard.


Lead Work


Roof Repairs

It's easy to understand why repairing your roof may get pushed to the bottom of the list but it's so important to address any issues as soon as they are arise. Leaving a small leak can soon turn into a much bigger problem and a costly one to fix. 

A leak doesn't always mean a new roof - it may be a slipped/ cracked tile or maybe the cement has worn away and needs renewing. Whatever it may be, we will happily investigate for you, take photos so that you can see and understand the issue and provide a free quotation to put things right again.

"I needed a leaking bay roof repaired. Alex and his team completed the job more quickly than the time originally quoted, and left the area completely tidy. I am very pleased with the quality of the work ( lots of rain since then, no leaks!). Having had difficulty finding a roofer to do this work in the past, I was very pleased to finally find a firm which treats small jobs with the same attention and professionalism as the larger ones, and at a very good price. Highly recommended."

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