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Moss Removal & Roof Cleaning

Moss Removal & Roof Cleaning

We take great pride in cleaning our houses, our windows & our cars but not often do we think about cleaning our roofs. Our roofs are what protect our family and our belongings from the elements and carrying out regular maintenance and cleaning can help our roofs last longer.

Regular maintenance can also help identify potential issues early, i.e. cracked/ slipped tiles allowing these to be fixed before they have an opportunity to cause internal damage.

These photos are examples of previous works we have undertaken. We carefully scrape away and moss/debris from the roof and then proceeded with jet washing. Once complete, we cleared all of the gutters and rodded the outlets to ensure all were left clean and free-flowing.

"We were really impressed with the standard of service and the professional results - our thanks to Alex and the team. They are clearly very experienced and knowledgeable at roofing, gave good advice and explained in detail the work that was needed before proceeding, and ensured we were fully informed throughout. No wonder they are so much in demand, we would wholeheartedly recommend them."

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